How to share your terminal log

by solusipse

Sometimes we need to show somebody output of our linux terminal. Rewriting it isn’t really best idea. We could for example use cat to stream output into file and then upload it on ftp server but that’s not the fastest way. There is great website which is a helping hand in such situation – We can forward our stream using curl to service that is running there. For example we want show someone all groups that contains root account. To achieve that in output we would normally type:

cat /etc/group | grep root

But we want to stream it out to sprunge. There is nothing easier. On the end of the line we need to type (after |):

curl -F sprunge=@-

So the whole line will look like this:

cat /etc/group | grep root | curl -F sprunge=@-

Two seconds after typing that you’ll get an url address in such format: