Working on your Raspberry Pi without using any peripherals

by solusipse

Raspbian has SSH daemon installed by default. It can be used to work on our RPI when we have no possibility to use any kind of control device. It will be also very useful for my balloon project which is actually almost completed. I’ll show you everything in the next post. This one is actually about Linux basics so if you are user of this system, you’ll find probably nothing helpful here.

Let’s start from checking IP of your device. Assume that it is connected to our local network. There are two options of checking its address. You can find it in managing page of your router or whatever you use. You can also use very useful command:


It shows configuration of your network devices. As you see I am connected through wlan, so interface I’m mostly interested in is wlan0. It shows the local address in inet addr field.


Well. I’m already connected to my RPi from Windows 7. To do the same, download PuTTY there:

After doing that simply run program and you’ll see something like that:


Type RPi’s address in Host Name field and click Open.

Then you can login into you account. By default it’s:

username: pi

password: raspberry

On your first connection you’ll need to accept RSA key.

On Linux or OS X connecting by ssh is even simpler. You need only to type in console

ssh username@host

In my case it would be:

ssh pi@

Then you need to accept RSA key on first connection and give password on every.