Raspberry Pi powering module

by solusipse

I’ve build a powering module for my balloon flight. This is how it looks:



To build the same you’ll need:

  • 1x LM7085
  • 1x 1000uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 2x 100nF ceramic capacitors

Schematics for that:


Well, it could be build better, 7805 is wasting some power, that is just the simplest way of building such device. You could use 6 AA batteries as well. When I checked voltage on TP1 and TP2 on RPi board it showed me ~4.90V value. Keep in mind fact that my battery is drained a bit.


EDIT 29-07-2012 19:47

Something about 10 minutes after connecting device I found out that 7805 is incredible hot, after next 5 minutes it stopped. To decrease temperature I mounted on it little radiator:

Now it’s good even when I’m putting it inside that box (these are outdated photos made before adding radiator):

As you probably noticed I’m powering device with 6xAA batteries instead of 1x9V battery. In this configuration I’m able to connect that Pentagram Wi-Fi modem and PS3 webcam, it’s working well.