Stationary balloon with Raspberry Pi (Part I)

by solusipse

Plan is simple. I’m going to mount RPi to a couple of balloons filled with hydrogen or helium (still not decided) and raise it 50 m above ground level. RPi will be connected to the Internet with 3g module and it will be streaming through it image from webcam. At this moment I’m gathering needed stuff.

I’ll need:

  • Raspberry Pi +
  • USB HUB powered by batteries –
  • Webcam +
  • 3g module – (I’ve got one but it’s not working on Raspbian, I’ll try on Arch)
  • Balloons –
  • Hydrogen (obtained in home way, I’ll show later how to do that) + / Helium –
  • 50 meters of thick fishing line

Photos of stuff I’ve already got:


Some electronical parts.


Mine Raspberry Pi with webcam that is working fine on it.

There’s a link to post with powering module: LINK.