Easiest and fastest way to get linux on Raspberry Pi

by solusipse

You are fledgling owner of Raspberry Pi? Well it was finally delivered to me, I really wasn’t interested in arduous configuring my operating system. I just wanted to test it out. RPi team gives us opportunity to have everything working in less than 10 minutes. On Raspberry Pi official page you can download Raspbian, dedicated distribution based on Debian.


Inside zip archive you will find an img file. We still need to “burn it” on our SD card. Unix program called dd will do that for us. I’m using OS X for that so I’ll describe how to do it on mac, but dd is also available on Linux and it’ll work without changing anything.

1. Begin with checking how OS describes your SD card. Type in console:

ls /dev/ | grep disk

Last from that list will be probably the one you are looking for. This can be checked also with any   graphical tool that is used for disk management (for instance, gparted).

2. Unmount (but not eject!) selected disk by doing:

sudo diskutil umountDisk /dev/disk2

3. Now we are able to use dd. Type something like:

sudo dd if=~/Desktop/raspbian.img of=/dev/disk2

First parameter if must indicate img file location, second of location of SD card.

Whole process will last a few minutes. That’s all, now system is ready to boot. If your card is bigger that 2GB remember to expand / partition in gparted.

On Windows it is even simpler. You can use software that is called Win32 Disk Imager.